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How to Have a Pet-Friendly Halloween

It will soon be time for costumes, tricks and treats! We wish everyone a howling good time this Halloween and offer these safety tips to keep in mind.

Halloween treats
All of the candy, chocolate and sugary treats can be tempting to Fido, but keep them away from him. Items like chocolate and candy sweetened with xylitol can be harmful. Your dog or cat doesn’t have to miss out on the Halloween fun though. Just give them special treats or toys of the pet variety.

Doggy-proof décor
Is the pumpkin-carving tradition alive and well at your home? If so, use a non-flammable light rather than a candle for your jack-o-lantern. You don’t want your curious dog or cat to get singed or start a fire. Beware also of using fake webs, small plastic spiders and other decorations that can be easily chewed or ingested.

Trick-or-treating guests
Part of the fun on Halloween is opening the door to trick-or-treaters in cute costumes, but these visitors can cause stress for your pets. If your dog or cat isn’t very social, keep them in a separate room until trick-or-treating time is over. Also, be sure your pets are wearing ID in case they do manage to dart out the door. This is one holiday when all pets should be kept indoors.

Pet costumes
You might like the idea of a doggy superhero or a canine Yoda, but how well will your dog handle the costume? Make sure it doesn’t impede your pet’s movement or cause undue stress. Otherwise, consider a costume with a light cape or a simple design. Even a bandana can add a festive touch.

From cowboys to hot dogs, we have a variety of costumes at Pet Supermarket. Take your pick and visit us on Halloween day for a pet treat! Have a safe holiday!

Courtesy of Pet Supermarket