Daily Visits

One Pet is $18.00 Total Per Visit (includes dog walking)

Additional Pets are $3.00 each (Example: 2 Pets = $21.00 Total Per Visit, 3 Pets = $24.00 Total Per Visit)


Overnight Service

$40.00 Total Per Night (8pm - 8am)

$60.00 for 24 hours one pet (your non-smoking home or my home for small pets). Other pets additional charge.




Residential Check Only (No Pet Care)

15 minutes or less


Holiday Surcharge

Surcharge will be added to the normal rate on the following holidays

- New Years Eve
- New Years Day
- Memorial Day
- Fourth of July
- Labor Day
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day




Pet Emergencies and Transportation

Evaluated on a case by case basis.

Transportation to Veterinarian, Groomers, etc.


Interview Consultation Fee

Payment for Standard Services is due and payable "IN ADVANCE".

All other fees are due upon receipt.